Pumps: 3”- 12” submersible pumps & motors, jet & self-priming pumps, end suction/split case/vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, deep well line shaft turbine pumps, axial flow propeller pumps, engine driven pumps, centrifugal mud pumps, 12v sample purge pumps

Tanks: galvanized, bladder, glass lined hydro pneumatic, ASME coded, polyethylene ground storage, fiberglass and steel bolted storage, rainwater collection, chemical, site glass accessories

Pipe & Screen: ½” -16” PVC schedule 40, schedule 80 threaded drop pipe 1”-2”, 2”-10” schedule 80 gray pipe, galvanized and black steel threaded & coupled 1”-6”, HDPE poly, stainless steel pipe, ¾”-16” PVC screen,  rod & pipe based stainless steel screen, gravel packed screens, PVC WOP screens, PVC & stainless steel flush joint screen & riser, corrugated drain pipe, pipe & casing centralizers, pipe float shoes, pipe elevators

Electrical: submersible pump control boxes, motor starters, VFD controls, soft starters, motor protection devices, custom control panels, submersible splice kits, electrical splice tape, stainless steel & fiberglass enclosures, phase converters, Ohm meters, clamp on amp meters, megohm meters, capacitor testers

Wire: multi-color & flat jacketed submersible pump cable, TRAY cable, THHN, round jacketed, direct bury, irrigation cable, tracing wire

Filtration: residential inline sand filters, whole house sediment and carbon block filters, cyclone sand separators, auto purging high flow sand filters, multi-media iron filters, water softeners, PH neutralizing filter, UV systems, reverse osmosis, water quality test kits

Valves: PVC/stainless steel/no lead brass ball valves, no lead brass/ductile iron/municipal gate valves, PVC/brass/cast iron swing check valves, no lead brass/stainless steel/ductile iron spring loaded line check valves, no lead brass relief valves, Dole flow restrictor valves, no lead brass/cast iron/PVC foot valves, brass float valves, Hudson valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves

Fittings: schedule 40, 80 & 120 PVC, galvanized & black steel sch 40 to XXH, stainless steel threaded, ductile iron flanged, can & groove hose connectors, municipal pipe repair couplings, Dresser style coupling, rubber flex couplings, steel/PVC companion flanges, weld fittings, flange gasket packs,

Drilling Fluids: Wyoming bentonite, polymers and additives, soda ash, sodium hypochlorite, mud scales, filter press, viscosity funnels, test strips, silica sand

Tools & Accessories: pressure switches, air volume controls, gauges, clamps, snifter/shrader valves, pipe wrap/rubber and teflon tape, pipe dope, PVC glue & cleaners,  test bailers, K-Packers/Tri seals, shale traps, BP seals, rope, stainless steel cable, well seals, water meters, saddle taps, fast taps, test bailers, auger plugs, pipe wrenches, pipe vises, fishing tools, splice pliers, wire crimp tools,

Building Services & Pressure Boosting

Pumps: Vertical multi-stage units, split case pumps, end suction centrifugal, vertical sumps, elevator drainage pumps.

Accessories: Expansion tanks, suction diffusers, valves, pipe spools, flanges, drives and controls, flow switches, floats, fittings

Wastewater, Detention and Flood Control

Pumps: submersible non-clog sewage pumps, grinder/slicer pumps, short set line shaft turbine pumps, submersible sump and drainage pumps, dewatering pumps, submersible axial flow pumps, aerobic pumps

Controls: simplex & duplex complete starter panels, floats, alarms

Accessories: fiberglass basins, custom basin lids, float hangers, weights, discharge elbows, guide rail assemblies, inlet/outlet basin grommets, stainless steel hoist chain

Construction, Mining and Oil & Gas

Pumps: submersible slurry pumps, large volume dewatering/drainage pumps, PTO water truck pumps, diaphragm pumps, ESP artificial lift pumps, coal bed methane pumps, brine water booster pumps, centrifugal charge pumps, water transfer pumps, low PH stainless steel sludge pumps, trailer mounted self-priming systems and all fittings, custom suction/discharge hoses

Lake & Irrigation Pump Systems

Custom build to customer specification pump stations, irrigation intake filters, custom pump solutions, custom built drives and controls, painted or galvanized steel skids

Screen Manufacturing

¾”-12” flush joint threaded screen and riser, ½”-16” plain or belled end screens in 

2-1/2’, 5’, 10’ & 20’, well point assemblies, swing joints, PVC & stainless steel screens, PVC sumps, surge blocks, gravel packed screens, backwash valves